Cheryl Dick

Cheryl Dick

Cheryl Dick currently resides in Surrey BC. She is predominantly self-taught and began to draw as soon as she was old enough to hold a pencil. She came from a difficult childhood where artistic pursuits where not encouraged, so she began to draw in secret.

Inspiration Bear


Through these challenging circumstances the need for self-expression was always present, and her art became a form of therapy.

In 2001, Cheryl started weekly art lessons with local artists where she honed her skills in the use of acrylics and developed perspective. In addition, she joined an established group of artists who met regularly to draw and paint in Surrey’s Parks. In the spring of 2004 this group collaborated to paint a Spirit Bear for BC Lions Society’s ‘Spirit Bears in the City’s’ project. This bear titled “Inspiration” was viewed by thousands and raised $16,000 at auction for the BC Lions Society.

Cheryl continues her art education, is an active contributor to The Brass Band Art Group and draws and paints wherever she can.

Artist Statement

Acrylic is the medium with which I primarily choose to paint. I use layers of paint, planning which colours will come through in the finished piece and which are complimentary background colours. This technique also produces texture and adds dimension and multiple facets.